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Writer's Block: Dream on

Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

:( there's no way i can analyze my dreams. i only wish!
*sigh* unless it's really significant to me--in the present, than yes, i remember.
more vividly than i would like.
in these cases, i'd rather not write them down..that would bring on a new wave of paranoia..
i don't usually get dreams that have a great impact on me.
that's why it erks me so much when i do.
lately, i've been extremely lazy when it comes to writing in my journal.
hm..i can't actually remember a time where i've had dreams with recurring themes..
i think that'd be pretty scary. i'd have to tell somebody, and i don't enjoy that..

it seems safer if you can just keep to yourself; ponder the concept, quietly.
it's not that i'm afraid people will think i'm insane.
it's just that there are some things you have a right to keep to yourself, and for me..my dreams would be one of them.
plus, people want to give me their advice on it, and what if i don't want your input?
what if i just want you to listen?
what if i'm just telling you for the sake of me getting it off my chest?

dreams. they're..peculiar. surprisingly, i don't have enough of them. which frustrates me.
i actually lose sleep when i start to think too much..and sometimes, i don't sleep at all.
mhm..when i do sleep, the night seems to slip away so fast, as opposed to dreaming, when dawn doesn't come fast enough.

maybe that's why i don't have dreams. because, when you dream, you're somehow..not sleeping at all. (well, okay. maybe this part was obvious.)

maybe, it's more like floating midair in your own reverie.

..wow. that must be neat.


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Jul. 13th, 2010 01:20 am (UTC)
Relating to the whole thinking-too-much issue... what you can do is get a notebook and put it next to your bed, and whatever anxious thoughts you're having, just write them down. That way your brain acknowledges that the thoughts won't be forgotten and calms down.

Dreams are funny things... (WHOA prepare for a Shakespeare quote)

"True, I talk of dreams, which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy."
Jul. 13th, 2010 09:48 pm (UTC)

Lololol okay thanks, Chron, for the white-person advice.
But I have nothing better to contribute, really. When shit is bothering me, I usually get out of bed, pace, and re-evaluate. Punch pillows and that sort of thing. It works for me to rouse myself out of that dangerous state of semi-conciousness.

But whatever, write if that helps.

(Erm, most of this comment is for XX; I just replied so I could laugh at Chron's usage of R&J kthx.)
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