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brap, braaaaaaaap.

hi guys.

i just wanted to post because..i still exist.

um. i don't have anything to say.

school's on it's way. jeepers.

i'm content.

oh. i'm going to watch inception on sunday, with the folks. awesomesauce.
its funnay, my dad's just as pumped as i am. fo'realz.

okay. er..happy last few weeks of summer, guys.

love yous.




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Aug. 18th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)
I totes don't remember that icon in crumblee. Lies.
('Tis naaice, your new love of icons (and your taste in them), and I see that you have hit up quite a few of the major iconists. Gud job. You have been incepted.)

Great, now I have to wait a week to come back and actually talk to you about the movie. You suck.
I watched it with the folks too. It was lols.

You should do more of these filler posts because you go AWOL a lot.
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